Friday, February 29, 2008


Based on Nvidia's new MCP 73 platform, the P6NGM is a mid sized PCB. It supports all Core 2 Duo and Core Quad Processors; there are 2 PCI slots, 1 PCIe x16 slot for a discrete card, 2 memory slots and 4 SATA ports. The P6NGM supports 1333MHz FSB so all Penryn dual and Quad cores should work fine. The four pin CPU power connector defies the 8-pin standard. The onboard graphics is GeForce 7050 solution D-sub abd HDMI connecs has been provided as well.

TV wall mountings

Hello friends, today I’m going to talk about the number of ways in which you can improve your viewing experience. There are several technologies in TV that has improved the audio and video quality over the years. One of the emerging technologies is High Definition technology. This is slow gaining popularity among the users and the markets of HD TVs are growing at a faster rate. There is a small problem with that HD TV and it is the space which it occupies.

The viewing experience depends upon the place where you are keeping it and the quality of your TV. There are several TV wall Brackets that are quite useful for you. There is a site called dekomount which offers TV wall Brackets for LCDs and Plasma starting from 32” to 63” TVs. There are several key features like direct buying from the manufacturers, price matching, 18 month warranty, fast trackable delivery and money back guarantee. There are additional things like bracket finders, fst next day delivery, etc. So visit the site and get your TV stand now!!

Prince of Persia

I've never played Prince of Persia in my computer and with the current set of games I think I'll never play it again in my PC. This is however one for the phone. The name brought back life to your pocket. The graphics have been improved to look better but the controls and the gameplay are still the same, if you remember. Your princess has been captured by the evil wizard Jaffer, who has given her an hour of time to marry him or die. This means you have to rescue the princess within one hour. But it is quite unlikely that you will finish it in just one hour. There are several labyrinths in which you might get trapped but this game is worth in your mobile. The rating is 8 out of 10

Friday, February 22, 2008

This is my blog

Hello my friends. Someone is trying to play with my blog. They have registered my blog in all the social networks and with some other sites using my url but different name and in some cases, they have even asked for "Account deletion". This is to hinder my progress in the blogging world and also to tarnish the image that i'm maintaining among my friends. This post is meant for proving my authority. Thank you Pals.
He's not going to ride his bicycle past your house anymore

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Brian Challenge 2

Ever have one of those days when you are feeling unnaturally dumb? When even the most mundane tasks seem to be a mountain to the brain? Now you can measure the dullness of your brain. This game puts you through a bunch of challenges to see how sharp you are today. All the minigames last only for a few seconds, at the end of it you will get statistics like how much part of brain you are using?, how much stress you are under, etc. It is perfect when you want to take short breaks from the work. Your first score will be shameful so this will motivate you to improve the scoring thereby increases your brain usage. This is the best part time game ever. So do not forget to try this out!!!

Loan news

Are you running short of money? Are you looking for a safe and secured home loans? Do you wish to consolidate your debts without much further ado? Are you waiting for some "Magic" to happen? Then you are in the safe hands. The magic will happen, your queries will be answered. There is a site called Magic Laons that has done magic in many of the people's life. If you have equity on your home just fill in their simple, no obligation quote form and they'll do the rest.
They are offering several types of loans like home loans, credit loans, debt consolidations, Secured Loans, etc. You can calculate your own loan quote using the calculator that is available in the site. They are providing secured homeowner loan for any value between £5,000 & £150,000. This is the best site. The loans approved almost immediately. You can get your own quote without paying much. There is a cool feature that is available in this site. If you give your name and your house telephone number, then you will get a call back from a trained professional who will offer valuable ideas about the home loans that are applicable to you. You can follow the guidance of such experts and choose the one that best suits you.

Super Cricket

Indian game makers will definitely love to include cricket in the list of their games. Mauj's super cricket: One Day Wonders is definitely a good companion during your leisure or travel or any other free time. The speciality is that this game will attract you even if you are not a cricket fan. The controls are simple and workable. You can use single hand to control the shot while batting. All you have to do is just give the ball a direction according to the bowling. When you are bowling you have to use some combination of direction and other keys to get the ball in the right areas. You can choose your country but not your opponet's. This is not a major issue, as the only difference among the teams is the dress color. You can also have some practise sessions to regain your touch.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Debt Consolidation

Hello friends, debt has become a major issue among the Americans. In the recent past, number of people with negative credits are on the rise and it is growing in an alarming rate. anaging once finance has become crucial to sustain life in this ever advancing world and one needs to look at money and finance closely.There have been many cases when some of them are richest in the world and they have almost touched the dreaded end of bankruptcy. Debt Management Plans are very hard to formulate and follow. But there is a site called Clear debts. It is the ultimate site for anyone suffering from debts. This website provides suggestions for you to safe guard you from Bankruptcy. There are stuffs like debt advice, downloadable debt offers and other guides, citizen's advice, personal insolvency in Scotland, etc. They will cut people's debts, freeze the interest you pay and do a lot of stuff so that your credit recovers from a negative balance and ends up in your way. They are the best site in UK that is offering debts for you. They will not charge for advice and will not disturb you very often. all your details will be secured and hence it is safe to get advice from them. So visit the site and get your own debt management scheme now!!!

Lenovo Y410

The Y series from Lenovo is touted as the home entertainment series, the good speakers and a few addtional multimedia buttons are setup in the right direction. The Y410 is a good looking notebook overall. This 14.1 inch notebook feels sturdy. The glossy 1280 X 800 display is crisp, clear and vibrant with good contrast ratio. The keypad offers good feedback. The shortcut keys are well laid out. There is a "Novo" key that switches between the power modes to optimize battery performance.
The Y410 configuration includes Core 2 Duo T7100 and a Nvidia Geforce 8400M Gs with 128 Mb of video RAM. The multimedia features are really good. It was near perfect when playing HD quality movies as well. With an overall PC Mark 2005 score of 3251, a 3D mark score of 673 and a SiSoft Sandra 2007 drive Index of 39Mbps, this cannot be categorized as a high end product. But instead at 35k it has a good value for money. Overall rating is about 3.4 out of 5

Garages for you

Sectional Garages are more and more difficult to find these days. Are you in need of garages at lower prices? Then do not worry, you here at the right place. If you want a lot information about the concrete sectional garages, then you have to visit the site This site provides you with a list of garages all over the place. All the available products are segregated into various sections like Windsor,Sheds & Workshops and Highliner & Batteries. The local agent be contracted through the number provided in the site. They have more than thirty years of experience in this field. So you need not worry about the customer care and other services provided by them. Continuous investment in plant and machinery have enabled Lidget Conctere Garages to develop state-of-the-art concrete garages which are rigid, strong and cost-effective in both design and manufacture. All these things are produced in the modern factory outlet using the latest technology that is available. But inspite of all these things, all their products are available at an affordable price. So visit the site and get your own concrete place now!!

Price of Persia mobile

The Prince is back! Embark on a pirate ship to defy your fate and destroy the Sands of Time. Release the warrior within!
  • The highly anticipated sequel to the 2 mobile phone blockbusters, Prince of Persia®: Harem Adventures and Prince of Perisa: The Sands of Time™.
  • A stronger, more impressive Prince, with acrobatic movement and the ability to stop time.
  • An explosive mixture of intense, choreographic fighting and traps set to outsmart you accompanied by a captivating storyline!
  • 10 levels of incredibly realistic and mysterious environments.
  • Extended gameplay and even more combat, thanks to the Arena mode!

Debt consolidation

Debt Management has become the most important issue. There are millions of Americans with a negative credit. Most of them are running out of their credits. If you are one of them with a bad credit then you need not worry, let your debt be managed by Abacus, the best debt management site. They understand how a change in your personal circumstances can turn manageable credit repayments into a serious debt problem. It can happen to almost anyone. They are the UK’s best site and have helped 1000’s of people to get out of their bad credits to show a positive balance.

There is a request form that has some minor details to be completed, after which you will get a call from a trained professional financial advisor. There is a unique thing in this site. It is none other than the one minute test. This is the online form of ethical advice model, which is designed to give an unbiased assessment of the choices open to you. These debt solutions can write off 70% of your debts, make you debt free for atleast five years by paying a minimum amount to them, and most importantly you can avoid bankruptcy and keep your home.

Motorola V265




Modes AMPS 850
CDMA 850 / CDMA 1900
Weight 3.77 oz (107 g)
Dimensions 3.6" x 1.8" x 0.9" (91 x 46 x 22.9 mm)
Form Factor Clamshell
Stub / Extendable Antenna
Battery Life Talk: 3.3 hours (200 minutes)
Standby: 150 hours (6.3 days)
Battery Type LiIon
Display Type: LCD (Color TFT/TFD)
Colors: 65,536 (16-bit)
Resolution: 128 x 128 pixels
STN display on V265
Platform / OS (proprietary)
Processor ?
Memory ?
Phone Book Capacity 500

GPS / Location Yes
Digital TTY/TDD Yes
Hearing Aid Compatible Rating: M3 (mostly compatible)
Multiple Languages Yes
External Display Location: Front
monochrome LCD / 96 x 32 pixels
Polyphonic Ringtones Chords: 64
Vibrate Yes
Multiple Numbers per Name Yes
Ringer ID Yes
Voice Dialing speaker-independent / voice digit dialing / voice command
Changeable Faceplates front outside cover and battery cover
Custom Graphics Yes
Custom Ringtones Yes
Data & Network
Data-Capable Yes
Packet Data Technology: 1xRTT
WAP / Web Browser Browser Software: Openwave 6.2
supports WAP 2.0
Predictive Text Entry Technology: iTAP
Side Keys Yes
EMS / Picture Messaging version 5.0
Text Messaging 2-Way: Yes
Text Messaging Templates Yes
Photo & Video
Camera Resolution: VGA (640 x 480)
self-timer function
Alarm Yes
Calculator Yes
Calendar Yes
Voice Memo Yes
BREW version 2.1
Games downloadable via BREW
Headset Jack (2.5 mm) Yes
Speaker Phone Yes

Money Magic

Hello friends, today i'm going to write about the mortgage loans. Mortgages are offered by many site and they claim to be the number one site to offer mortgage quotes etc. But only a few of them follow the guidelines and offer correct amount with useful quotes. Getting a mortgage quote through this site is the easiest thing you can do. Visit the site, select your type of mortgage, and follow the simple steps to submit the form. After that, you will receive a call from any of the official concerning the mortgage loans, from them you will get your quote and some valuable tips.

There are several mortgage types like first time mortgages, remortgages, Buy to let mortgage, commercial mortgage, building loans, etc. You can calculate your mortgage amount using the simple mortgage calculator that is available in the site. They can help you out in getting free mortgage quote without any complicated process. There is no process of checking your credit or any other thing. They will just approve yours and you will be getting a call from a professional independent financial advisor. This is one of the easiest sites to use and this is the best. So visit the site and register yourself to get the loans.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Disclosure policy

Hello friends. I started this blog to put my thoughts and some interesting new things in the world of ever changing technology. You might have noticed that some posts might just seem a bit off-topic. I have reviewed some sites and other things. All these things are written on the basis of datas found on the specific sites. I bare no responsibility if they fail to meet the specified standards. Some of the posts i write of my own interest and many others have asked me to write for them. I have given my honest review about each and every product. It is up to you to make the final decision on choosing one. Thank you for your support and please continue encouraging me in the blogging world.

Furniture home - Review

Hello friends, when you are buying a new house, decorating your house is one of the most important thing that has to be done. Decorating your home can be handled by a professional or you can do it by yourself. There is a site for furnitures that offers high quality furnitures at lowest possible prices. You can get furnitures like, Bed, Living room furniture, sofa sectional, etc.
You can shop furniture by room or style or by the choice of your color. All the furnitures are available in all possible colors. They are offering nation wide free home delivery. If you are confused with the number of furniture sets that are available and want to know about an expert opinion, then they are offering some buying tips which you will find very useful. so visit the site and buy your furnitures now!!

Ultrasone Edition 9

If there is anything that is more desirable than a ultra high quality ear phones then we don't really want to know. The ultrasone limited edition headphones that cost $1500 are touted as world's best, many of them will agree. The phone use 40mm Titanium plated Mylar drivers, and they can play frequencies from 8 to 35kHz- well beyond human ear's capacity. The Ultrasone S-Logic technology gives a great sound quality. This is a really cool product.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Walking on a cloud

Hi friends, today fashion has reached new heights. It is changing day by day and one has to follow it daily to keep up with the world around him. Besides the dress and the looks, there are new things that are introduced in to the world of fashion everyday and shoes are no exception to these things. There is a special site called Josef Seibel Shoes that is on track with the current fashion trend and has a lot of quality products.

AMD Alleges Benchmark Cheating by Nvidia

AMD and Nvidia have been engaged in a veritable pissing match over the HQV HD video benchmark, with AMD accusing its rival of cooking its Forceware drivers in order to achieve higher scores than its product deserves. Nvidia, in turn, has accused AMD of engaging in a disinformation campaign. The issue stems from beta Vista drivers (Forceware 163.11) that Nvidia provided to reviewers testing HD-video performance with videocards based on its GeForce 8600 GTS graphics processor. AMD’s Aboubakeur Nacef ran the benchmark and took photographs that he says reveal ghosting caused by overly aggressive use of noise-reduction in Nvidia’s PureVideo HD decoder. “My feeling,” Nacef told Maximum PC, “is that Nvidia was in panic mode and needed to release something quickly.” Nvidia’s Rick Allen, countered that Nacef was “using an older driver and overly aggressive driver settings to cause the problem.” Nacef responded that Forceware 163.44 had the same problem but that he hadn’t tested version 163.69, the latest version available at press time.
Courtesy : Petrichor

Bed Bugs Guide

Hi friends, sleeping is the most important thing in your daily routine. You should definitely allot six to seven hours a day for sleeping. But your sleep might be disturbed due to several reasons. One of the major reason is the bed bugs. There is a site called Bed bugs guide which gives you every detail about bed bugs pest control and killing it. So visit the site and learn how to get rid of the bed bugs and all the problems associated with it.
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Buffalo Ministation TurboUSB 80 GB

The Buffalo MiniStation TuboUSB 80 GB portable hard drive is in a new class of high performance external hard disk featuring the Turbo USB function that claims to increase the speed. It's aLaptop SATA hard drive housed in a tough black plastic casing surrounded by cushioning material that absorbs shock. One of the major drawback is that it requires extra USB cable for power. TurboUSB dramatically increases the drive speed, by default it is disable; but it can be enabled by using the software accompanying it. It took 56 seconds to write 1 GB of assorted files to the drive in the normal mode; it could achieve the same in just 43 seconds in the Turbo mode.
The bundled software SecureLockWare protects your data from the prying eyes by using a powerful AES encryption algorithm. This software can encrypt not only individual files and folders but the hard ware as a whole. You can enter into the disk after entering the password correctly. Memeo Backup is another useful tool that comes with this drive. It lets you to perform automatic and manual backup of your data in the hard drive. Overall this impresses with performance, features, cost, 2 years warranty, etc. But by spending a little more amount you can get twice the storage capacity and a year more warranty.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Furniture site Review

Hi friends, today i'm going to review the coaster furniture company. There are large variety of furnitures to choose from. The list includes dinning room furniture, bedroom and living room furnitures, etc. The bedroom furnitures requires a special mention because there several exotic types like Sleigh Bed, queen beds and king beds. All these things are available for you in the cheapest possible price. The shipping of furnitures is also extremely quick and hence you can start using furniture within days of ordering it.

Axiotron Modbook

There have been talks about ASUS apparently working alongside with Apple on a "Mac-Tablet" for some time now, but a company called Axiotron has already beaten them to it. The Modbook is based on the Macbook. A quick search on Google reveals that 2 types of Modbooks are available. This has a Core 2 Duo processor , a 80 / 160 GB hard disk, a 13.3 inch touch scree, a stylus powered by WACOM's penabled technology, WiFI and even a built in GPS. They have given you additional space to add 4 Gb of memory and 570 GB of disk space.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Samsung G600

If you are going for a slide phone, then Samsung is the best. This one is no exception. This quad band 2G slider is fit and finish is exemplary. It is light weighted and feature packed phone that will keep you interesting all the while. The front face is dominated by 2.2 inch LCD screen. The colors are of 16 million. They are sharp and crisp. The navigation buttons are well spaced and can navigate without even looking at the phone. Whenever you enter a number, it will be seen with a calligraphy type with a scratching sound.
The memory offered by this phone is 40mb and has a microSD slot with hot swap feature. The camera is of 5 mega pixel size. The camera performance is good but can not be compared with Sony or Nokia. It supports almost all formats. The music is of great quality. Performance g600 is great. Processor speed is fast and speaker is loud enough to be heard in a noisy environment. The overall rating is 3.8 out of 5.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Cozy Homewares

Hi friends, we are all aware that ecological problem is on the rise and it is the main issue that has to be addressed immediately. The plastic bags and other non-recyclable items are increasing manifolds and are posing a major threat to the ecosystem. There is a site called cozy home wares. It has several useful things like Shower curtains, grocery bags, aprons, chef's cooking, reusable grocery bags and many more. It is important to note that all the products that are used are reusable and are eco-friendly. So all you need to do is just visit this site and register yourself to get their products. Contribute something to the environment. Thank You!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Nokia E65

Generally people will not prefer slider phones due to the fact that the movable parts will wear out pretty soon. But there is no stopping for this all new E65. It is too hot to handle. This is a business class phone with some artistic work. The navigation is not at all problem. The keys are well laid out and back light is good. The camera and the music player are pretty ordinary.
The quick office software is provided. But editing word and excel documents is a tedious task. The GPS is bundled with the phone and works well with any Bluetooth device. The specialty of the phone is its text-to speech module. It can read out contacts, phone numbers, call history, etc. The phone is still slow especially when using the voice features and other related things. The low memory shows itself. The battery life is good. The net browsing is trouble free. Signal reception quality is moderate. Overall rating for this one is 3.6 out of 5

Furniture for you

Are you looking to modernize the work place or your house? Then apart from buying the latest gadgets, you have to buy some furniture too. This will help you to improve the looks and impress the customers. In your home, you can buy a huge bed to decorate your bedroom. The living hall can be made much more beautiful and comfortable by buying a good sofa set. All these things might look expensive, but i know a place where these things are offered at a cheaper price and better quality. It is none other than in furniture In this place you can find a wide range of furnitures for your work place, home, dining room set, living room set, bedroom set, etc. There are special kind of furnitures like Contemporary King Platform Bed that are available for you. So visit the site and choose the best furniture now!!!

iPod touch

iPod another variant. This time its something similar to that of iPhone. The packaging is nice - USB cable for data transfers and charging, typical Apple's earbuds and plastic stand. But still touch is heavy for any portable music player due to its steel back. The new feature includes viewing videos and tunes without disconnecting your device from the computer. Synching anything still requires iTunes. Video play back is really good - almost of equal quality to a PSP. But the default ear plugs are crap as usual, they should be changed immediately. Battery life is good with solid 8 hours of play back with nominal use of touch screen and other facilities. As a whole, this is a great PMP with good quality of sound and video play back. But it is slightly costlier. My rating for this one is 4 out of 5. Enjoy the music!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

ASUS M530w

This is another entry level PDA phone but can be considered as a tough competitor for Nokia E61. It lacks the touch screen feature that is found in most of the PDAs but it has the customary QWERTY keypad. The keys are well spaced and easy to navigate. This phone runs on Windows 6 and has all standard features of the mobile OS. There is no ASUS launcher application pre-installed here. You get clear clearVue viewer for Word, Excel, PDF and other documents.
The camera and the multimedia features are moderate. There is nothing remarkable to state here. All the entry level phones will have these facilities. It supports and mp3 and video playback. It has a 2 mega pixel camera at its disposal. There are a lot of connectivity options like 3G, WiFi, GPRS and Bluetooth. But the battery life takes a toll while using these facilities. Th3 signal reception is moderate but the voice clarity is poor. Overall it gets 3.8 out of 5 in the rating scale.

Blogsvertise - Blogging made interesting

Blogsvertise is a boon for bloggers in several ways. It helps us improving the blog popularity. This is done in an easy and simple manner so that you are benefited in promoting your own blog! Confused with the contradictory statements? Here is the explanation for these things. For Blogsvertise your blog should be more than 60 days old with some quality posts. This is the minimum criteria for your blog to get approval. You can sign up and get started by submitting your blog for review.
Blogsvertise assigns you tasks based on your blog's quality. By writing for the famous advertisers, your blog's popularity will be increased to manifolds. You have to write the assigned tasks within five days of your acceptance. You will be paid within a month of writing the review. From the advertiser's point of view, they will get a lot of popularity by getting quality reviews.
If you are an advertiser, you can sign-up to get quality reviews for your finest product. You choose from the quality bloggers who have signed up in this network. so it is like a mutually benefiting thing for both advertiser and the bloggers. So are you ready to use this opportunity? Then visit this site and register yourself in the appropriate category immediately!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mobile TV

After the number portability, its time for Mobile TV in India. Government announced that with the help of extra spectrum and EDGE technologies, one will be able to watch Television programmes in their mobile handsets, later this year. Bids are being invited from different service providers and will be processed soon. With this technology one can watch - live or pretelecasted TV shows by requesting to their respective service providers. So even if you are not at home, you wont miss the day's important moments or normal television shows. Nokia is the only manufacturer of phones with EDGE technology. After this announcement, we may soon see mobiles with a smarter EDGE in the market by other manufacturers too.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Google gets into research

Google will soon launch its research wing that stores world's scientific data. The site is an open source scientific data that is dubbed as Palimpsest. The datas stored will be accessible by both professional scientists and the common man. The project is set to be show caused at the science Foo Camp - a science fair at Google later this August. But soon they dismissed the deadline and announced that they will launch this sooner. The company will use data visualization technology from Trendalyzer to transfer huge amount of data to the end user. This site will also offer youtube like style for commenting and annotating features, which will allow quicker sorting of information. This will allow massive data sets like images of Hubble telescope accessible to public.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Microsoft drops supprt again

The new arrivals like Microsoft office 2003, service Pack 3, MS has decided to drop the support for older versions of the file formats - word 4.x for Windows and 5.x for Mac. If you have any older documents that date way back to 1992 or older, then you will not be able to read it after this update. After from that it also removes compatibility for older spread sheets like Coreldraw, Lotus and Quattro. The reason given by MS is that these formats are less secure. So do some backup work or else do not update.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Excel under attack

Security firm Secunia - has rated a problem in Microsoft Excel as 'Extremely critical'. As you would have expected it can be exploited by men with malicious minds to compromise a system. It is something that is connected with file handling in Excel, but the exact specification is still unknown. The vulnerability can be exploited if the attacker creates a special excel file that has malfunctioning header information. Successful exploitation leads to arbitrary code running in the victim's computer. As of now there is no specific solution to this problem. Please do not open mails containing Excel files, unless you know the sender and have spoken to him regarding the file.