Thursday, January 31, 2008

Macbook Air

The world's slimmest laptop was unveiled by Steve jobs. He held in his hands(i suppose so), a 1.96cm thick(should be thin actually), Macbook Air. It sported a 14 inch LCD screen with 80GB PATA drive, 1.6GHz core 2 Duo, 2Gb of DDR-2 SDRAM in its logic board. It also has an inbuilt camera, microphone, speakers and bluetooth. There's no ethernet port but the users can buy it. This is the first Macbook to be released without a CD / DVD drive. The notebook's aluminium case engages a magnetic latch. The trackpad, which is on the keyboard, inherits the multi touch functionalities from the iPhone. It will not be available in India in any time soon.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


If you are thinking about a home theater system, then quality of it will be the top most priority but one can not ignore the design aspect of it. If it is an eye catching thing, it will also improve the marketing strategies of the product. This is what LG is trying to do. In its new home theater system LG ht762tt - besides the 5 speaker and a sub-woofer it is also sporting cool new looks. The wattage is 700W. Its design is elegant and soothing and will blend well in your designer room. They have put Virtual Sound Matrix into this, to bring in more life to the speaker set. It delivers a sensation of sound as if you are listening from a 10 satellite speaker instead of 5. Plug in your USB drives to the system and you can start playing MP3, WMA, DivX, etc.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Motorola MOTO RAZR 2 V8

This is a stunning phone with stunning features. It redefines the style factor to another limit. It comes with two large screens and a revamped keypad. RAZR 2 feels slimmer than the original phone and the 2.2 inch screen is of best quality and first of its kind in many things. The display clarity is clearer and crisper. Near the bottom of the screen the touch sensitive screen is present. RAZR 2 has a different keypad when compared to its predecessor. The back light is high and navigating has become a lot more simpler.
The most significance change is in the user interface. The phone is based on the Linux+Java environment called MOTOMAGX. The interface is visually more refined and definitely better than that of the older phone. The music player and other multi media are excellent. Playback can be controlled without opening the flap. Audio quality is excellent and the ear phones are good. The camera is reasonably good but it is not at its best in the indoor category. Signal receptions are good. The overall rating is 3.6 out of 5.

Friday, January 25, 2008

LG KE970

The LG KE970 - born to shine is aptly named. This tri band phone is based around a slider mechanism. It feels smooth; opening a phone just takes a nudge. The 2.3 inch high resolution display is looking brilliant. The volume control buttons are along the right side of the phone. The hot-swap feature is not available in this phone. You have to remove the battery before replacing the memory card. The internal memory adds upto 50 mb.
The keypad is flat but easy to use because of the individual key design. The rocker in the menu scrolls through the menu and all it requires is just a small push. The 2 mega pixel camera is ok but it is no match to the entry level Sony Ericsson's mobile phones. The auto focus is a bit clumsy. The video recording is of moderate quality with its limited fps and resolution. Music is good to hear. PhotoID, bluetooth, mobile email and other features are available. The overall rating is 3.5 out of 5

VRX Mach4

The Mach4 is an ultimate device. It is like a quad-Xbox 360 tied together to power the gigantic three sharp 1080p screens that are 37 inches wide. A Microsoft force Feedback Steering wheel is used. A fourth Xbox360 powers a smaller 7 inch LCD screen that is your rear view mirror. The Sparco racing seat is here to provide you a few bumps in the tracks, along with the two fans provided at your side, you will definitely get the real driving experience.But for that you have to pay nearly 11 lakh rupees.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Blackberry Pearl 8120

This is the latest addition to Blackberry Pearl series. This phone has a major shortcoming in the form of 3G technology which is absent in this one. But other than that, this is excellent to use and the features are outstanding. This phone is simply stunning, sleek, slim, stylish and has great feel to hold. The 2.2 inch display is good and does the job for you. The 8120 comes with a pseudo-QWERTY keypad in which there are two keys for each button. Once you get accustomed, you will hesitate to switch to other formats. Business features are the highlight of the Blackberry phones. It can handle most commonly used formats like doc, xls, pdf, etc at ease. The PIM functions are well implemented and easy to use.
The 8120 supports almost all music formats and does a good job while playing them. The bundled ear phones are of good quality. It has only 64mb of internal memory but there is a hot swap option available with a microSD card slot. The internet features are great. It supports 3G and WiFi. GPRS in this phone is of moderate quality. When it comes to signal reception and voice clarity this is the best phone ever. It also has an outstanding battery life of 4 days. Overall it gets 4.2 out of 5 points.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Nokia E51

Nokia E51 boasts with a 2 inch display having 16 million colors. The resolution 240 X 300 is very high for a small display phone like this. The screen is completely legible even at the direct sunlight. The keypad is different from other normal Nokia sets. There are dedicated keys for contacts, Calendar, email and my home. The keypad is easy to operate with a lot of space in between each keys. This phone has 130 mb of internal memory and hence you can do a lot of tasks side-by-side without slowing down your phone. There is a microSD slot available for you so that you can expand the memory upto 4 gb. World mate, an application targeting frequent fliers, comes bundled with the phone.
There are lot of connectivity options. The phone has 3G quad band technology, HSDPA, WiFi, Micro USB, Bluetooth and IR. The multimedia parts include a 2 mega pixel camera and a good music player with FM. The signal reception is good. The internet browsing just got better with the new web browser. The speaker quality is also a good one. Overall this phone gets 4.1 out of 5.

LG KE770

The KE770 is another addition to the shine phones introduced by the LG. At 9.9mm, it is slimmer than its competitors. Built with a stainless steel body, the phone gives an ever lasting look. The flat keypad is a joy to use. The navigation keys and the other keys of the phone are well spaced and are easy to use. The volume control button, camera , MP3 buttons, USB connectors are on the same side. Internal memory is 70 mb. This phone doesnot have the hot swap facility. The card slot is microSD.
The camera is ok. It is very similar to that of 970 series. The performance is similar too. Outdoor images are of good colors and lack crispness. But music quality of low quality. There are no external play back controls. The phone comes with good bundle of applications like word reader, PDF reader, health chart, data wallet, etc. Signal reception is good but there is still room for improvement regarding the voice clarity. My overall rating is 3.75 / 5.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Nokia n81 8gb

The advent of n81 marked a new beginning for Nokia. It marks the entry of nokia into music related services similar to Apple. Like some other Nokia phones, this one comes in two variants. The first one is a normal edition with a card slot. The second one is the music edition with 8gb flash memory sans memory card slot. This phone is pretty handsome in its looks and its usage. The slider mechanism is ok. There is a huge display in the form of 2.4 inch display. Just below the screen is the navigational console. The D-pad acts as a touch sensitive scroll wheel but the keys can also be used as regular keys.
The music is similar to n95. The company ear phones are good. The storage space offered is so large that you can transfer your entire collection into it. The transfer speeds are also high. The camera is the worst part of the phone. It is just a 2 mega pixel one. It is definitely not equal to the higher end phones. Internet browsing is good. But overall this phone gets only 3.75 out of 5.

Nokia n95 8gb

This new mobile just got better. I can go on and say that this is the best phone in the market right now!!! Yes it's true. The navigational controls are totally revamped. The buttons are easy to use and the processor is super fast. The Music quality is better than the ordinary n95 but still a long way to go to reach heights of the latest w series phones. The camera is another good feature of this phone. It performs ultimately in outdoors and brightly lit conditions. But in the dimmer side, the sharpness is a bit lacking. The flash quality is great. But it is disappointing to see that the lens cover has been removed and it might be exposed to some damage, if mishandled. The phone comes with 160mb internal memory and an extended 8gb of flash memory. There is no way of increasing the memory, no card slots (you wont require them either). There is a fully functional GPS and a super fast WiFi. There are bluetooth and FM radio too in this phone. This new phone comes up with a new battery that has few more hours of life than the ordinary n95. I got battery life of two days under nominal use. In conclusion, it is a superb convergence device. My rating is 3.9 out of 5.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


The ASUS p750 is top of the line, 3G compatible phone that has every feature you want. The design is gorgeous and the phone looks great in a black outfit. Though it is targeted towards the business people it lacks the usual QWERTY keypad. There are five input options that are available. The XT9 works much better in predicting the words when compared to T9 dictionary. The 320 X 240 2.6 inch LCD display is good. The navigational controllers are excellent. It has good tactile feedback. The keys are well spaced out so typing the messages is not at all a problem.
This phone comes with a lot of pre-installed softwares. It includes Office 6.1, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Notes and a Calendar. It also boasts with facilities like GPS, business card reader, UR home screen, remote presenter, Java, ASUS Launcher, etc. The music formats supported are mp3, aac, aac+ and 3gp video is supported. The audio quality is good. The camera is better with 3 mega pixel but the video recording in that is of moderate quality. Internet browsing was faster and easier. Setting up WiFi was easier than many other phones. Signal reception is excellent. Battery life is for cool three days under nominal usage. Overall the phone picks up 4.1 out of 5 stars.